Peer reviewed publications

Sweida-Metwally, S. 2022. “Does the Muslim penalty in the British labour market dissipate after accounting for so-called ‘sociocultural attitudes’?”, Ethnic and Racial Studies, 45:16, 359-388, DOI:10.1080/01419870.2022.2097887.

Ranked in the top 2% of all research outputs scored by Altmetric. 

Ranked in top 10 most impactful papers from Ethnic and Racial Studies (OOIR, based on data since Nov 2018).

Sweida-Metwally, S. 2021. “Spending Ethically for Justice: A Muslim Response to the Uyghur Genocide”. Yaqeen Institute for Islamic Research, Texas. 

Sweida-Metwally, S. 2020. “Why Britain should not follow Germany’s approach to recognising its racist legacy”, The Open Review, volume 6, pp. 73-79. DOI:10.47967/NNIR8436.

Work in progress

Sweida-Metwally, S. “Not always ‘nice work if you can get it’: The Muslim penalty and other religious disadvantages in job quality in Britain.” (Preparing for submission)

Sweida-Metwally, S. “Beyond cultural racism: Islamophobia as ideology” (Preparing for submission)


Sweida-Metwally, S. 2022. "‘Muslim culture’ is routinely blamed for lower levels of employment – but my research shows this is not what is behind the problem", The Conversation, 22 August 

Sweida-Metwally, S. 2021. "Reflections on Allyship", European Network Against Racism, 24 February 

Sweida-Metwally, S. 2020. "Being anti-racist means being an ethical consumer", Transforming Society blog (Bristol University Press), 11 November.